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Generate leads at all stages of the funnel with the data you need to drive conversations and revenue.

By combining predictive intent signals, advanced scripting, and comprehensive metrics, ENGAGE delivers at every stage of the funnel, from top-of-funnel content leads through sales-ready appointments. Down-funnel insights including pain points, install base, and purchase timeframes are provided in detailed lead files. Leverage account activation information to enable SDR outreach into accounts that are exhibiting buying behavior.

Industry standard SQL rates on lead generation programs are unacceptable. Our proven processes more than triple industry standard SQL rates by quickly identifying engagement-ready audiences for your entire funnel.


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We love that BlueWhale leads actually answer the phone!

– Aveva

The BlueWhale team is extremely receptive to feedback and willing to take steps to improve the program throughout.

– Esker

The support from the BlueWhale team, their knowledge and experience, and how invested they are is a great benefit.

– B2B Tech Marketer

Customers rated ENGAGE Much better 57.1% & Slightly better 38.1% than other content syndication programs

ENGAGE performs better than over 95% of other content syndication programs when compared by our customers.

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How does ENGAGE work?

Syndicate content and create conversations with teletouch lead generation. ENGAGE produces exceptionally qualified leads who answer the phone, with a 58% conversation rate.

Answers to custom questions with valuable down-funnel information are provided in detailed call notes. 40% of leads are delivered with a verbally-obtained install base, pain point, or purchase timeframe.

Predictive intent and FIT based targeting means your content reaches the right people within your ideal customer profile at accounts that are actively in-market, with our inventory of 83.6MM contact records at 4MM organizations.

100% Account Activation allows you to reach entire accounts, not just individual leads. Our Account Activation Dashboard provides valuable insights to keep your sales team motivated and asking for more.

Education on lead nurturing and routing for your Inside Sales team builds trust between Marketing and Sales and moves leads more effectively down your pipeline. Our expert knowledge of the SDR process increases audience value and gets you closer to the close.

  • 100% Quality Control and Data Validation
  • Secure Delivery
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