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Give your sales and marketing teams the tools, leads, and conversations they need with the Demand Intelligence® platform from BlueWhale Research

Now, a Smart and Easy Answer to the Four Greatest Lead-generation Challenges

Regardless of whether your lead generation system is young or mature, straightforward or complex, basic or highly sophisticated, BlueWhale’s Demand Intelligence platform has the brains and power to create insights that drive better leads faster.
It’s a smarter, easier, more efficient, transparent, and cost effective way to drive leads — with tele-touch friendliness.

Demand Intelligence Nurture

Your Marketing Automation Is Generating a Mountain of Leads, But…

Sales is where your leads go to die. If this is you case, you need this high-volume, low-cost approach for syndicating content. According to Bombora, this results in a 25% boost in engagement. It’s all about taking the raw inbound leads and effectively nurturing them until they’re sales ready. This way, Demand Intelligence Nurture introduces decision makers from actively engaged accounts into the top of your funnel to increase MQL and SQL output.

Demand Intelligence Engage

Your Teams Aren’t Getting Enough Leads, And…

You don’t have a KPI requirement that stipulates a high number of content syndication leads, this is the solution. By using Bombora Surge data and a content syndication strategy, Demand Intelligence Engage gleans valuable information from your buyers. Your sales teams can leverage this information to create relevant, forward-leaning conversations — and get there much faster than if they were calling on leads found through traditional content syndication.

Demand Intelligence Discover

You’ve Got Multiple KPIs to Hit, And…

You need to find the best demand at every stage of the funnel, Demand Intelligence Discover will get you there. Combining Bombora behavioral intent data with BlueWhale Research tactical scripting, this solution connects with thousands of accounts to analyze user install base, pain points, and purchase time frames. You’re efficiently empowered to serve fresh content and set appointments with the biggest influencers, while syndicating your content to every single lead.

Demand Intelligence Re-engage

You’ve Got a Ton of Old Leads In the Pipeline, But…

They’re stale and not moving through the funnel. Demand Intelligence Re-engage reactivates old leads, plain and simple. And it can be implemented with any of the other Demand Intelligence solutions (Nurture, Engage, or Discover).

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