BlueWhale Research Solutions

We bring science to the process of lead generation, applying it to targeting, communicating, training, data collection and analysis, and in-depth marketing insights. Through artificial intelligence and big data, we know when accounts first enter the market and target them immediately.

For Every Need Across the Entire Funnel


Content Syndication via Email or Telemarketing

Promote generates top-of-the-funnel leads that leverage the investments you have already made in mature processes, systems, and people.


Lead generation and market research all-in-one

Discover uses predictive intent data and/or your Account-Based Marketing (ABM) target account lists to target primed leads and uses custom questions to drive account activation.


The full lead generation package

Predictive intent signals, advanced scripting, comprehensive analytics, and production transparency all in one solution


Your outsourced sales development resource

Convert provides your organization with U.S.-based sales development representatives that convert your leads to MQLs, SQLs, Intent Qualified Leads (IQLs), and appointments.

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