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Proven Solutions That Address Four Sales Funnel Challenges

Demand Intelligence® Nurture

Your Marketing Automation Is Working, But…

Your nurturing process is working and efficiently converting your leads at all levels but there just aren’t enough qualified leads for the top of the funnel. What’s needed is more input at the top level to generate more revenue in the most cost effective way possible. Demand Intelligence® Nurture generates leads that leverages the investments that you have already made in mature processes, systems, and people. DI Nurture delivers your content to the right people, performs progressive qualification, and verifies the data needed to start down the funnel.

Demand Intelligence® Engage

Your Teams Aren’t Getting Enough Leads, And…

Your teams aren’t getting enough leads, and you need more than can be obtained purely from adding top of funnel leads. DI Engage adds predictive intent data targeting and custom question responses to assist with lead and account activation by guiding the insertion point for every lead generated. More mid-funnel leads quickly fits the bill.

Demand Intelligence® Discover

You Need Better Leads At Every Level and Have a Limited Budget…

When you need to find more and better leads for every stage of the funnel, and do so within existing budgets only a new intelligent approach will answer the bell. Demand Intelligence® Discover combines predictive intent signals, advanced scripting, comprehensive analytics, and unmatched transparency to produce demonstrably better leads at every level using your existing budgets.

Demand Intelligence® Recover

You Need to Find Latent Demand in ABM or CRM…

They’re stale and not moving through the funnel. Demand Intelligence® Re-engage reactivates old leads, plain and simple. And it can be implemented with any of the other Demand Intelligence® solutions (Nurture, Engage, or Discover).

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