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Leverage the power of deep intelligence and the human conversation to drive sales and marketing success.

Some of the brands we’ve helped stop wasting time and money on out-bound lead generation


The New Path to Quality Outbound Lead Generation: The Demand Intelligence® Blueprint from BlueWhale

Intelligent Intent Data

Touch People at the Right Time

By using Bombora, we reach your customers before they reach out to your competitors. How? We apply intent data to select targets that are free from bias and are already interested in what you can offer them.

Intelligent Targeting

Connect with the Right People from the Start

We find your likely influencers and decision makers — not just people with the obvious title. How? We track your ideal customer profile, target the people who will make a difference, and select them before they talk to other vendors.

Intelligent Conversations

Have the Right Dialogue for the Best Outcomes

We bring science to the art of conversation to drive conversations that matter and stick. How? We study tone, style, and inferential thinking. We ferret out data dark matter that others can’t decipher. We apply finely tuned waterfall scripts that keep prospects on the phone. We go far beyond robo-calls.

Intelligent Lead Activation

Take the Right Action at Each Inflection Point

We give sales teams the training, hooks, and target account activation data to effectively hit buyers in any stage of the funnel. How? Usually based on lead scoring, each step creates a score depending on the target’s actions. It then goes straight into your Marketo software.

Intelligent Communications

Make Contact on the Target’s Terms

We make sure your message hits every targeted prospect, no matter how elusive they appear to be. How? We believe in intelligent, omni-channel communication and map out the best solutions.

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