Channel Marketers

Servicing channel partners through robust and thoughtful marketing programs can be challenging.

Servicing channel partners through robust and thoughtful marketing programs can be challenging.

Channel partners are a great resource to drive additional revenue for your organization but they often do not have the infrastructure in place to support large-scale marketing programs. At BlueWhale, our experience servicing channel partners enables us to provide turn-key marketing solutions to effectively meet your channel partners’ current needs. Our programs are fully customizable to include a variety of technology and techniques, whether they’re starting off with something small and simple or looking for a full-funnel solution.

How can we help you help your partners?


Channel partners often do not have the ability or patience to nurture top of funnel leads. Having a VP or an Owner call into content syndication leads just doesn’t work. Our CONVERT solution is the most popular solution utilized by channel partners. With CONVERT, BlueWhale will staff a local-to-region SDR to schedule appointments on your Channel Partner’s behalf. This solution is a proven, process-oriented approach to “selling the appointment.”

  • Predictive Intent Targeting
  • FIT Based Targeting (ICP Guarantee)
  • Expectation of 25-35 qualified appointments in the first quarter
  • Premier Lead Nurturing Process

Full Funnel Exposure

Channel partners who staff inside sales departments and also have robust marketing automation need to fill the funnel at every stage. BlueWhale’s ENGAGE program leverages Predictive Intent Targeting to tell us what organizations are most likely in-market now so that you can market or converse with decision makers who are actively researching your solution. BlueWhale then leverages content to those decision makers to determine their current install base, pain point, purchase time frame, and their willingness to schedule an appointment. All positive interactions are then routed to your channel partner for follow up based on the level of information gleaned during our interaction. Middle and bottom of funnel leads are marked for SDR follow-up. Top of funnel leads are marked for nurturing by marketing.

  • Best Practice Training for both Marketing Nurture and Inside Sales Follow-Up
  • Detailed Call Notes Include Install Base, Pain Point, and Purchase Timeframe

  • Account Activation with Predictive Intent Scores

Top of Funnel

Channel partners who need more opted-in names to nurture should use BlueWhale’s OUTREACH solution. These solutions generate top-of-the-funnel leads that leverage the investments you have already made in mature processes, systems, and people. Nurture delivers your content to the right people, performs progressive qualification, and verifies the data needed to start a prospect down the funnel.

  • Teletouch and Email Lead Generation

  • Syndicates Content

  • FIT Based Targeting
  • 100% Quality Control and Data Validation

  • Secure and On-Time Delivery

Channel Partners

Do you need more Channel Partners? We have you covered. With over 150,000 Channel Partners and VARs worldwide, BlueWhale has deep access to decision makers at these organizations. Leveraging any of the solutions above, we can help you generate more revenue by attracting and converting MSPs to resell your solutions.