Our Story

We founded BlueWhale Research in 2013 with a goal of providing innovative demand generation services to drive sales and marketing growth. We believe that marketing relationships should be more than just buying and selling leads and appointments. We’re changing the game by building insightful partnerships that enable marketing and inside sales to work together to close more deals than they ever thought possible.

Since 2013, we’ve grown substantially with a focus on building a culture of transparency and trust with our customers, team members, and partners. Our leadership started in B2B Tech as Sales Development Representatives, and those experiences have informed the founding beliefs behind BlueWhale. We’ve stayed true to our values of being honorable, authentic, innovative, humble, and civil while prioritizing the continuous development of our culture and programs.

Our mission is to understand and overcome inside sales and marketing challenges through impeccable execution of innovative, high quality, and transparently delivered demand generation campaigns and services that really work. Like blue whales filtering krill from the ocean, BlueWhale Research filters through the noise to deliver and activate leads appropriate for each stage of your funnel.

Empowering Conversation

There is no substitute for the power of communication. Sales begins with the art of conversation and purposeful communication lies at the core of our lead generation activities. We design our lead generation campaigns with SDRs in mind. From extensive lead data, scoring, and insightful call notes to consultative training, we empower our customers’ SDRs to have better conversations.

Advanced Technology

We bring science to the art of conversation. We apply advanced technology at every step of the lead generation process by combining the largest source of personalization data with the largest source of predictive intent data. Our messages are expertly crafted, from initial outreach to dynamic scripts and landing pages. Our secure in-house developed software provides effective data verification and validation for every lead delivered, as well as rigorous data protection.

Radical Transparency

All leads are not created equal. Transparency about our methods allows us to design the most effective campaigns possible. We share all of the information and data we generate during a campaign to continuously improve results.

We apply everything we have learned to our work with the sales and marketing teams of the world’s most innovative companies. Ultimately, we provide so much more than leads. We invest in the training and success of our customers’ sales teams to get them closer to the close and drive lasting results.

BlueWhale Research is proud to be recognized as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies on the Inc. 5000 list. This is a testament to our team’s hard work to deliver quality leads to our clients and drive revenue.