We Believe in the Power of Human Conversation

Conversations create trust. Trust builds relationships. Relationships drive results

We deliver leads on time, every time using encrypted API interfaces to your CRM or lead tracking systems like Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot, Integrate, LeadScale, or Convertr, etc.  

“DI has been an excellent addition to the mix of channels we use to generate demand on a global scale. It regularly outperforms our other channels on an ROI basis. And the exceptional service levels with BWR ensure our programs are optimized even when we shift targets and profiles.”

– VP, Global Demand Generation

Tailored Program Development

Translate your needs into campaign specifications

Intelligent List Creation

Featuring an inventory of 62MM contact records at 4MM organizations to support the targeting needed to reach your ideal customer profile

Predictive Intent Identification

We identify when your customers are actively in-market through the use of Bombora predictive intent technology, leading to more opportunities and a much higher ROI

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

We target individuals in an organization as an account of one, and hyper-target messages to resonate throughout the organization, influencing the buying group through multiple touchpoints

Sales Training Development

Best practices developed from thousands of campaign insights are shared with your SDRs to maximize results and drive quota achievement

Lead Activation

Provide call notes and other intelligence from our communications to save your SDRs time spent on account research so they can focus on selling

Quality Control

Targeted return rates below 1% because each lead meets our client’s specific requirements and adheres to all regulatory requirements

Supplementary U.S.-based SDR Services

When required, we offer U.S.-based resources, as well as offshore and nearshore Native English resources

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