Our Story

BlueWhale Research searches through oceans of data for the most valuable leads

Blue Whales, assumed to be the largest animals ever to exist, consume nearly four tons of krill, a crustacean, per day. Because they have baleen plates instead of teeth, they eat by filtering the ocean and pushing out water through their baleen, trapping the krill. 

We draw our inspiration from the blue whale in that the world is filled with millions of potential leads, and it takes a special approach to find and activate them.

We founded BlueWhale Research to provide a better way of helping companies achieve net new growth. We work with the sales and marketing teams of the world’s most innovative companies to ensure they can capture and activate our leads.

Founded in 2014, BlueWhale Research partners with companies of all sizes so they focus on their business and leave their leads to us.

Thousands of companies across the globe have trusted BlueWhale Research to deliver hundreds of thousands of leads.