About Us

Who are We?

BlueWhale Research was formed by industry professionals with over 60 years of combined experience, who wanted to offer a service that just works. We have delivered over 2 million qualified prospects combined to the biggest names in B2B technology.
With team members located in most tech hubs such as London, Boston, and the Bay Area, we have our finger on the pulse of demand generation and understand the KPI’s that make sales and marketing professionals winners at their organizations.

Our Team

David Lilly
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Lilly
James Oberhausen
Chief Operations Officer
Chris Isham
Chief Revenue Officer

Megan McBride
Director of Fulfillment
Cindy Keyes
Vice President of Customer Success
Tom Mandell
Director of Data Management and Services
Vincent Fontana
Vice President of Demand Generation Strategy

Pasha Massih
Demand Generation Manager
Wayne Dahler
Call Center Manager
Louis de Tuboly
Sales Development Manager
Helen Parr-Phillips
Sales Development Representative, EMEA

Gabriella Mele
Chief Financial Officer
Komal Patel
Anthony Raaj
Manager of Campaign Fulfillment

Manni Walton
General Manager, EMEA
Billy Barron
Sales Development Representative
Noah Alford
Data Analyst