Hi, We Are BlueWhale!

We are on a Mission

We continuouly scan global markets for latent demand and initiate sales conversations between buyers and sellers at every funnel stage. Our unique software and quality assurance platform provides the highest quality services to buyers and sellers, quickly, accurately, and cost effectively.
With offices in the U.S., EMEA, and Asia we have delivered hundreds of thousands of leads to thousands of sellers.

Our Team

David Lilly
Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Lilly
James Oberhausen
Chief Operations Officer
Chris Isham
Chief Revenue Officer

Danielle Azzara
Vice President of Demand Generation
Cindy Keyes
Vice President of Customer Success
Tom Mandell
Director of Data Management and Services
Vincent Fontana
Vice President of Demand Generation Strategy

Diane Zahn
Director of Call Center Operations
Jordan Quinn
Account Manager
Joe Doeg
Account Manager
Gabriella Mele
Chief Financial Officer

Komal Patel
Anthony Raaj
Manager of Campaign Fulfillment
Manni Walton
General Manager, EMEA